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Shawn Maldon is originally from Troy, Alabama by way of Marianna, Florida. He was born in Marianna, but at a very young age moved to Troy. There, he grew into a young man. Maldon got heavily involved in many sports, enrichment and extracurricular activities, he took on many leadership roles: at church, in clubs, and many civic organizations. In fact, he credits many of the activities of his formative years for having showed him how to be a leader. As a young scout, in Boy Scouts of America he was the first African-American scout to obtain the highest scouting rank of Eagle (Troop 41; Troy, Alabama). This and other accomplishments propelled him forward. Maldon created the first chapter of the local American Red Cross Youth Advisory Board—and earned the governor youth of the year award medal for the accomplishment. An activist, an innovator, a leader was born.

For undergrad Shawn Maldon only applied to Howard University, he was accepted in 2004, and graduated in 2008. There he really blossomed. Maldon studied language and government at Howard: he obtained a degree in Political Science and a degree in Spanish. Later, Maldon attended Southern University Law Center in Baton Rouge, LA. There, he really got an in-depth understanding of the law and systems. After his first year of Law School, Maldon changed directions and enrolled in Northeastern University in Boston and graduated with a Masters of Education Degree in Interpreting Pedagogy. As an adjunct instructor, Maldon has taught interpreting college students.    

As a business consultant and a serial entrepreneur,  Maldon works with other small businesses to help them get to the next level in their business. He has lectured on business topics, such as strategy, marketing, branding and even business development. He has helped countless businesses and nonprofits. 

Maldon's journey to mayor seems to have been a natural progression. Starting with self-growth, education, business development/job creation, now, Maldon is all about community development. At age 32, Maldon was the youngest person elected to serve the residents of Capitol Heights as mayor. Maldon says, promoting the growth of the economy, engagement of residents, and general development of a small Town is, "something I honestly enjoy and would do it for free, in fact, I committed my first year's salary as mayor back to the community by establishing The Maldon Foundation."  The Maldon Foundation  is a tax-exempt, 501 (c)(3) organization that provides resources and support to the community at large.  


The Town of Capitol Heights has not seen any new development projects in 30 years. Mayor Maldon is proud that under his administration, it will happen.

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