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Updated: Apr 1, 2020

One is a small number. Obviously. But when I think of the number outside of its numerical value, I find that one is also a small number in terms of greatness.

Though an endless debate could take place on the philosophical definition of greatness, some of our earliest fundamental values that were instilled within us as a child were the desire to do 'great' things and to have 'great' things. As a child, you were often asked, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" And whatever it was… a doctor, lawyer, teacher, rock star… you answered it with confidence that your choice was a great choice. The same is true for me. At the end of the day, I wanted to be great and to do great things. In fact, I still do!

So when I think of the number “one” in terms of greatness, I am reminded of John Maxwell’s Law of Significance. Maxwell teaches that “one” is just too small of a number to achieve greatness. This foundational understanding brings everyone back to the core truth that teams matter! The truth is, even Beyonce needed Destiny’s Child, Clive was instrumental in Whitney's career, and Michael Jackson needed the Jackson 5. You see, one is just too small of a number.

I realize more than ever, as I lead the community in the role of Mayor, that teamwork is the heart of great achievement. The sooner we, as community members, elected officials, business leaders, and voices within our society realize that putting on the team uniform and adding our name to the roster makes all the difference, we will achieve much more that we thought possible. We will achieve greatness - TOGETHER!

Coming together to achieve greatness has been a foundational pillar in my #WeAreONE Campaign. Take a moment and click here to learn more about it.

Finally, my friend, I want to encourage you that in whatever great thing you hope to do or hope to be… find someone to join you, support you, work alongside of you, and keep you accountable. Get others to join your journey and reap the benefits of more resources, ideas, and energy than you could gain individually. And if you need support, let me stand beside you in your endeavors. Whether I can network for you, search out opportunities, or simply encourage you along the way, let me help you turn “one” into “two”. But above all, go do your thing!

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